Finding a Cattery that Loves Your Kitty Like You Do

Does Your Pet Have Separation? Read This before Enrolling Them in a Pet Resort

Although your pet may be your constant companion, some occasions can arise where you have to leave them behind. And just like you need to do with your children, you need to make some arrangements for your pet beforehand so that they are well taken care of while you are away and you can have some peace of mind during that duration. One of the best solutions to this issue is a pet resort.

Pet resorts have steadily become a booming business in Australia, which means you will have an array of facilities to choose from. Moreover, the different boarding facilities offer different types of services, so you can be assured of finding one that will suit both your pet's needs as well as yours. Nevertheless, how can you ease the separation anxiety that your pet may experience? This piece will help you with a few tips to help calm your pet before and during their enrolment in a pet resort.

Select a pet resort that will suit your individual pet

Once you have made the decision to enrol your pet n a pet resort, it is time to whittle down your options in an attempt to find the right boarding facility for your pet. There are a few considerations that can help you narrow down your options. For instance, if your pet is not used to interacting with other animals, you may want to deliberate on pet resorts that allow the animals to stay secluded.

Additionally, if your pet is rambunctious and needs a considerable amount of time outdoors, then you should look into pet resorts with substantial outdoor space or multiple playrooms for the animals to play and run around in. Lastly, a pet resort that is characterised by its hygiene and upbeat ambience will always be a good choice for your animal.

Acclimatise your pet with extended stays

After you have established the pet resort that you will want for your animals, it is time to look into extended stays at the place. Reputable pet resorts allow pet owners to bring their animals for several hours a day so that the pet can become used to the surrounding. Therefore, you may want to start taking your pet over to the boarding facility for a few hours every other day so that they become familiar with the employees, the scents and even the other animals in the facility.

Before you go on your trip, you should then enrol them for an entire day or a weekend so that the pet can get the feel of an extended stay at the resort. If this extended stay is successful, it is likely that your pet will not experience excessive separation anxiety once you enrol them for the duration that you will be away.