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Taking Your Dog Home After Boarding? Here's What You Should Do!

If you're planning a holiday whilst your dog stays in the local boarding kennels, you naturally want to make sure that the entire process is smooth and easy for the both of you. Although you may have prepared to take your pet to the boarding kennels by gathering their favourite toy, food and medication, it's important to also prepare for the end of their stay in the right way. When you take your dog home post-holiday, you might notice a few changes. Here's how to deal with those changes so you and your pet can settle in at home again quickly. 

Behavioural Changes

Some dogs have behavioural changes for a brief time after staying in a kennel. They might seem particularly hyper or might seem more aloof than usual. Your dog's behaviour change isn't a cause for alarm. They're simply adjusting to the change of being home again. Don't try to force the issue if your pet's not behaving as normal. As long as you act in your normal way and enforce your regular pre-boarding routines, things will return to normal quickly.

Eating Changes

Your dog might eat more or less than normal after they come home from the boarding kennels. This isn't anything to worry about unless it continues for several days. The feeding times at the boarding kennels might have been quite different than they are at home, and it may just take a bit of time for your pet's stomach to get adjusted to the routine at home again. Simply continue your pre-boarding feeding schedule, and don't make any dietary changes. Your dog will be back to eating normally in only a day or two.

Sleeping Changes

Whilst your dog was in the boarding kennels, they were likely with many other dogs. This means that they had plenty of company at all hours of the day and night—and erratic sleeping habits may have been the result. Your dog might sleep a bit more than usual in the first day or two after coming home because they might just be extra tired from their late night 'chats' with their kennel neighbours. After a night or two of rest in the quiet of your home, they'll be back to their usual sleeping routine. After a busy holiday, you could probably use the extra rest yourself!

Whilst your dog might go through a few changes in terms of behaviour, eating and sleeping when they first arrive home from the kennels, it's quite likely nothing to worry about at all. In fact, dogs are just like humans in that that they might need a holiday to recover from their activity-packed holiday!