Finding a Cattery that Loves Your Kitty Like You Do

How to Make Sure You Give Your Pet Horse a Loving Sendoff

The loss of a loved pet can be devastating to all concerned, and those who are left behind will want to ensure that it has a loving cremation or burial as they send it on its way. While heartbreaking, this can be a relatively straightforward process for the typical cat or dog, but it can be somewhat more challenging if a horse has passed away. As this whole procedure will probably be new to you, what do you need to know to set your mind at rest?

How the Procedure Works

Obviously, the horse is very much larger and weighs a lot more than an average cat or dog, and arrangements need to be made to transport it from your property to a crematorium. Specially trained operatives will be there with a transporter made for the purpose. Usually, a collar is placed around the neck of the animal, and it is drawn slowly and carefully into the transporter with the attached winch. Of course, this may be difficult for you to watch, but you can trust the experience and abilities of the staff.

Several different crematoria around the country are licensed to deal with the situation and have assured regulators that they can comply with disposal procedures to the highest standards. Your animal will be transported to one of these facilities, based on your preference.

Once it arrives, it will be taken out of the transporter and put into a refrigerated container until it is time to cremate. Then, a special hydraulic lift will be used to move it into the cremation chamber.

After the procedure, the ashes are collected and carefully weighed before being returned to you. You will want to be sure that all of the ashes are returned, as unfortunately there have been cases of fraud here. Some unscrupulous organisations have been known to send the remains for cheaper disposal, simply to make more money.

Get an estimate so you know the approximate weight of your horse's ashes ahead of time. You will get a certificate from the crematorium which will not only confirm that you have received the complete ashes, but that your horse was the only animal in the chamber during the procedure.

Getting Help

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask a provider of horse cremation services. You should only work with an organisation that has a great reputation and can provide you with the loving, attentive service that you need at this difficult time.